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Becoming Knowledgeable Stewards of our Watershed

kidsOur educational efforts within the watershed engage both native and foreign residents. We strive to achieve a broad understanding of how a watershed works, how the human presence in our valley has impacted its most important functions, and the positive steps we can take to ensure the watershed continues to sustain its human, plant and animal inhabitants.

ROW supports practical, hands-on learning and is actively engaged in demonstrating sustainable land use practices and strategies that average residents can use to benefit their land and, in turn, the watershed.

Current educational initiatives include a free monthly newsletter, Hojita Verde, which is distributed via email and is also available in print at many local outlets. A brochure explaining the work of Restoring Our Watershed has also been printed and widely distributed. Presentations and workshops are given at local elementary and secondary schools as well as community events. A scholarship program that enlists high school students as environmental ambassadors is also in the works.

DePauw UniversityOur current internship program for college students is based at El Centro Verde. Interns work with Tom Peifer, an ecologist with over a decade of experience in neotropical permaculture, sustainable agriculture and organic gardening. On the heels of successful academic programs offered in collaboration with the University of Vermont during 2004-2006, and Yestermorrow Design/Build School during 2007-2008, we are also working with the Sea Turtle Conservation Project (Asociación de Conservación Vida Verdiazul) to develop internships and volunteer opportunities. For more information about any of our educational initiatives, please contact Ann Marie, our director of operations: annmarie@ourwatershed.org