Friday, August 01, 2014
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New Organic Community Garden in Paraiso

A group of 14 high school students from Washington International School will be visiting the Nandamojo watershed in mid-June, spending a week in the area as part of a service-learning trip. ROW will be hosting the group, and is coordinating with the Centro de Nutrición (CEN) in Paraíso to have the students install an organic community garden on the facility’s small grounds, pictured below.


Nandamojo Visitors Suit Up for a Local Honey Tour

Many people who come to the Nandamojo Valley seek out-of-the-ordinary tours during their stay. With the help of ROW and our Bees for Trees honey producer, Jaime Zuñiga, we've brought several thrill-seeking visitors to experience healthy beehives up close and personal! Depending on the time of year, the process first involves a grueling climb into the hills of the valley and into the small town of La Florida. There, we dress head to toe in full bee suits and prepare the smoker. Jaime then leads the way into his fields where the hives are kept under close surveillence. 


Bees for Trees looks to Crowd-Sourcing for 2013 Funding

ROW has launched a crowd-sourced fundraiser for our Bees for Trees program through! We're asking for $7,600 to be able to issue two new Bees for Trees loans, plant 3,000+ trees, and produce more pure, raw honey in our watershed. The grant would also help us run trials with Top-Bar hive designs.


ROW Welcomes New Board Member

Peter Lawson, General Manager of Hacienda La Norma, has joined ROW's board of directors. Peter moved to Costa Rica with his wife and two children over a year ago, after having visited the country for over two decades.

Hacienda La Norma represents over three percent of the watershed's total area (approximately 500 hectares). It hosts Costa Rica's best canopy tour and a research facility for the University of South Florida's Public Health program.

New Program, New Look

Bees for Trees honey has a new look this year in the Nandamojo Watershed. ROW is now focusing the micro-lending program on creating a honey economy in our valley. The goal is to give another 2 Bees for Trees micro loans in 2013, doubling the quantity of honey produced and land reforested.

Check out the program and support it by buying honey in the Plaza Tierra Pacifica Welcome Center in Junquillal.


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