Friday, September 04, 2015
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Successes and Current Initiatives

Restoring Our Watershed relies on dedicated volunteer labor, carefully cultivated relationships and private donations. For more than a decade, we have been focused on raising awareness about the value of restoring the Nandamojo watershed, within the local community and with influential leaders about the value of restoring the Nandamojo watershed.

Some of the projects that ROW has already completed include:

  • Initiated the systematic collection of rainfall and runoff data, starting in 2004.
  • Conducted territorial planning workshops in several towns within the watershed
  • Spearheaded the confederation of Asadas (Community Water Boards) and held workshops on the importance of a “watershed-wide” effort
  • Organized river cleanup campaigns
  • Collaborated in providing 75% of trees for a native species reforestation campaign. Thousands of trees have been planted by hundreds of volunteers in riparian buffer zones, along denuded coastal strands and in vital recharge zones
  • Within collaborating residential developments, seasonal ponds have been established for waterfowl, and other erosion and runoff techniques have been employed to ensure habitat connectivity and create positive impacts on water quality and aquatic habitat.
  • Assembled Database of SIG information on the watershed.
  • Conducted baseline field surveys and launched proposal for a biological corridor between the Junquillal mangrove and 600 acre Venado forest preserve
  • Ongoing collaboration with ecological groups in the watershed, including Proyecto Baulas del Pacifico (Junquillal sea turtle project) and the mangrove protection effort organized by the Assn. de Desarrollo de Junquillal
  • Organized and trained a volunteer fire control brigade within the valley.

Going forward, Restoring Our Watershed will focus on two key areas: Watershed Restoration and Renewing Local Food Systems. Concern for Wildlife and Habitat Preservation informs all of the work we do. Click on these topic areas to learn more about current and future programs.

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