• Sustainable Land Use

    Sustainable Land Use

    ROW helps Nandamojo families improve their land, renewing its fertility and capacity to absorb rainwater.

  • Bees for Trees

    Bees for Trees

    We help families increase their income through beekeeping. In exchange, they reforest 10% of their farm. All profits fund restoration projects.

  • Watershed Education

    Watershed Education

    We are fostering the next generation of responsible watershed stewards through hands-on learning experiences, newsletters and outreach events.

  • Capturing Rainwater

    Capturing Rainwater

    Our region faces a water crisis; ROW promotes strategies that ensure aquifers are replenished.

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In 2013, ROW and business leaders formed the Nandamojo Valley Chamber of Commerce, and outlined three goals for the chamber’s efforts: Attract more visitors by promoting the area as a peaceful, family-oriented and authentic destination. Unite the community around a...