Friday, August 28, 2015
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Participate  Restoring Our Watershed - Paraiso  Guanacaste Costa RicaJoin Us in Restoring the Nandamojo River Watershed

The goal of our organization is an ambitious one, and to be successful we need to engage both local and seasonal residents, as well as visitors and supporters from afar. Our approach is based on collaboration that bridges geography, nationality, social class, and both public and private business sectors. To date, we have had great success in raising awareness about the value of restoring the watershed. We are involving the local community in a range of educational programs and projects, and are making our work known to influential leaders in Costa Rica and beyond.

Whether you come out to plant trees, support our efforts financially, or just read our monthly newsletters, we encourage you to join the effort. Here are several ways you can participate:

Subscribe to our e-newsletter. Stay up-to-date on projects and other activities in the watershed.

Volunteer. Interested in helping to plant trees, lead nature walks, count birds or distribute brochures? There are lots of opportunities to lend a hand.

Internships. Come for a month, a semester or a summer. We’ll do our best to match your interests with valuable work in the watershed.

Denuncias. Costa Rica provides citizens with a mechanism for notifying government officials about illegal activities that threaten the environment.

Buy Local. Support the economic revitalization of our watershed by hiring local service providers and by purchasing products that are grown or made in the area.

Donate. 100% of every donation supports projects in the Nandamojo valley.

Contact us. Not sure where to start? Want to learn more? We’d like to hear from you.

Participate Restoring Our Watershed - Nandamojo Paraiso Guanacaste


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